I Missed This Game as a Kid: Kabuki Quantum Fighter


Growing up, I was fortunate to play a lot of cool games.  But some went under the radar, like Kabuki Quantum Fighter.

I discovered this game via a Twitch stream and was like, “whaaa?!” This game looks super unique, colorful and challenging!  Plus, you’re a redhaired, headbanging kabuki warrior harnessing your ancestral Japanese kabuki powers in a computer mainframe trying to defeat an evil virus bent on killing the entire human race!  Now, I admit that I haven’t spent much time with the game since recently discovering it, but I was left wanting to play more.

Am I the only one not remembering the release of this game?!  Gameplay looks legit, no?  Got any thoughts or impressions? Lemme know!


Author: misutacoffee

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