Nice Shades, Brah.

The video game developer market has never been so thick, and it’s only goinna get thicker.  So what will make your game stand out of the crowd?  Well, apparently for developer Pixel Titans, this includes two silent cronies crossing their arms and sporting cheap sunglasses.  In my book, this = awesome.


The game is “Strafe”, a 90’s throwback, rogue-like FPS.  And the above screenshot was taken from a gameplay presentation broadcasted on Playstation’s twitch channel on Sunday, December 4th.  You can check out the game yourself on its GeoCities throwback-styled website, but what I wanted to point out is how the developers capitalized on their opportunity to present their game, through gameplay but also their physical presence.

and rad pink shoes too. i need me a pair!

Yes, those two dudes sat there for the entire 13-minute interview, just like that while director Thom Glunt talked about the game. No smile. No emotion. No talkin’. No nothin’.  Clever.

And this interview isn’t the first clever move I’ve seen from Strafe developers.  If you can stomach a bit of blood and guts, definitely check out the following game commercial.  Again, nice use of 90’s vibe, slang, technology, etc.  Clever.

If you want to check out the entire Playstation Experience 2016 Strafe interview, check it here.

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