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Do the lyrics make you feel nostalgic? If so, please continue reading. If not, do continue scrolling down, because it is more about retro gaming than anime.

When I was a little kid, we used to have this grey machine: SNES or Super Nintendo. Before I got infected by a gundam bug, I liked this game very much. So much that I haven’t beaten it.

It is a simple 2D fighting game with mechas from Gundam Wing (hence the lyrics) with each own animated movesets for a small roster consisting nine robots. The game follows a simple routine of starting with a single player chosen robot on rampage defeating the other eight mechas PLUS one hidden final boss.

Besides the various movesets, Endless Duel has some catchy soundtracks and fun combos to perform. And it has replayability for unlocking alternate colours.

I will end this with the nostalgia track. I am sad to say it’s pretty hard to find this game for SNES. Nevertheless, you could always uhumemulateuhum the game.


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