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Once in a while, I feel like writing a bunch of words, hoping they all come together and magically make sense on their own. And when I finish writing, I have a column. Hence, you can get brain fried while reading.

Get Your Brain Fried is my personal column and I will write about anything that would interest me or spark any interesting discussions. Be aware, this is not in the same category as my running series Feed My Gamer. There, I write all the tips and grips about food.

So, let’s get on with it. For my first topic, I will talk more about the internet of things. I had a more elaborate post previously in Gamification.

I wouldn’t say I am all too picky with what technology could bring, but digitizing our lives does give me some worries. It still rests in my mind how vulnerable you would make yourself. Though, IoT is getting better and even more integrated in our lives.

Maybe I am too old-fashioned to understand all this mumbo jumbo. All tech companies are jumping into this pool of innovative ideas to connect with your phone, since the phone is now an external part of a modern human being. I even saw an IoT bike locker, with which you can unlock and lock your bike with a switch of your phone.

Still, I guess I need to start learning to appreciate these new tech things. Otherwise, I would be left behind while every one else might have turned into an IoHuman.

Do you have worries about how technology is advancing so fast or how much it takes over a part of our lives? Give me a shout in the comments!


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